Sunday, March 8, 2009

Duck Tape Wallet

Yesterday Jared and Josh were lucky enough to score a couple of tickets to go see our Jayhawks secure the Big 12 title against Texas. Unfortunately this left me all by myself to watch the game at home. While sitting at home I was thinking that I could use a new wallet so I decided to pull out a roll of duck tape and put together my very own duck tape wallet. I've always heard stories about people making these but I never knew how badass one would actually be to own and how easy they are to make. Below are a few pictures and the directions incase you would ever like to make your own.

Step 1: Make an 8.5in x 7in sheet of duck tape. Rip a strip of tape at least 8.5 inches in length and place sticky side up on your working surface. Get a second piece of equal length and place sticky side down half way over the first strip. Fold the rest of the strip facing up over the second strip. Flip over the two strips and place a third strip sticky side down covering the remaining sticky part of the second strip. Flip the sheet again and continue this process until you have an 8.5in x 7in sheet.

Step2: Trim edges and fold in half creating an 8.5in x 3.5 in rectangle.
This step creates the pouch that holds the bills, just tape the two open ends and move to step 3.

Step 3: Create Card Pockets Create a 4in x 3.5in sheet of duck tape using the same method as step 1. Trim edges and fold up 1.5in from the bottom and tape edges to create a pocket. Create as many of these pockets as you need and tape together in a layerd format.

Step 4: Attatch Pockets to Wallet Tape to the inside left panel of the wallet.

Step 5: Create ID Holder Using the same method as step 1 to make a sheet of tape but using clear packing tape, create a window for your ID. Make a duck tape border around the edges for extra durability and attach to the inside right panel of the wallet. Tape down the left, bottom and right edges leaving the top open to slide in the ID.

Step 6: Decorate the Wallet Using other colors of duck tape create patterns or designs to accent your wallet.

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