Monday, March 2, 2009

How It All Began

Not many people could or would want to say that they met their best friend in a high school locker room, but I am proud to admit it. Jared and I met back in 1997 while attending Lansing High School and the rest is history. Over the last 12 years Jared and I have followed each other around North Eastern Kansas and North Western Missouri completing our college degrees at KU and eventually landing jobs at the same publishing company. In high school it was our dream to live in a run down apartment together and cook out on our tiny charcoal grill, luckily for us that dream came true and we have been fortunate enough to share many tight living quarters. This blog will serve as a journal to the current chapter of our lives and will document our journeys together. Currently Jared and I live in Kansas City and unfortunately in separate apartments. I am now married and my wife seems to think it would be weird if we all three lived together, but believe me this has been a topic of discussion.

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